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USB Fingerprint Reader

USB Fingerprint Reader UFIS111
USD 99

USB Fingerprint Reader UFIS111 features full-sized fingerprint image capture based on fingerprint sweeping, thermal CMOS sensor, fingerprint auto detect, sensing area auto clearing. Free Reader Control and Fingerprint Recognition SDK included.


  1. Atmel thermal FingerChipTM sensor
  2. Image size - 280x440 pixels
  3. Image resolution - 500dpi
  4. Power supply - 5V DC via USB connection

Weight and dimensions

  1. Weight - 100 grams
  2. Length - 80 mm
  3. Width - 60 mm
  4. Height - 14 mm

Free Software

  1. UFIS Reader Control SDK
  2. BioUPI Fingerprint Recognition SDK
  3. Microsoft Visual Studio sample project
  4. Demo application

Application Diagram

USB Fingerprint Reader Application Diagram