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Barrytron Smart Systems Inc

Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler. Albert Einstein.

Barrytron Smart Systems Inc
68-68 Louth St. St Catharines,
Ontario, L2S 3X2, Canada
Phone: 1-905-347-5102

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About Us

Barrytron Smart Systems Inc is the Canadian company that is also a major part of privately owned group of independent hardware design and software development organizations. Barrytron Smart Systems Inc offers innovative products and integration solutions in the areas of fingerprint biometrics, access control, IT security and embedded systems. Our company also provides consulting services and full after sale support.

Business Model

Our unique business model allows us to maintain the highest Value/Price ratio on the market. We are mainly focused on the development of OEM solutions providing rich and easy to use hardware and software interfaces. This approach gives our customers the highest level of creativity in application of our products.

Free Fingerprint Recognition SDK

Barrytron Smart Systems Inc provides free DLL based fingerprint recognition SDK with every purchase of fingerprint readers. We also supply demonstration software, sample Visual Studio project and reader control SDKs. We even provide some coding support for our customers who have difficulties integrating our products into their projects.

Areas Of Expertise

Hardware Design

  1. Microcontroller design
  2. FPGA and programmable logic design
  3. Embedded control design
  4. Circuit boards design
  5. Laser and spectrographic equipment design

Software Development

  1. Firmware and low level programming
  2. Embedded systems programming
  3. Automation control programming
  4. Web Development